Mouthwater Media hosts monthly events at our Clients locations that are either open to the public or held privately for a specific group.


Influencer Events

Mouthwater Media plans monthly private Social Media Influencer Events at our clients that bring 30+ Influencers into their location to try their food and drinks and experience their amazing atmosphere firsthand.


Public Happy Hours

Mouthwater Media plans and hosts monthly public Happy Hours at our clients locations, promoting them through our network of Apartment buildings, Hotels and other local organizations. 

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Private Food Tours

Mouthwater Media plans and executes Private Food Tours for local diners that are trying to broaden their restaurant horizons, as well as out of town foodies looking for the best food around Cleveland.

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Passport to Cleveland

Every year, Mouthwater Media hosts our annual Passport to Cleveland event, where our clients gather in one event space to provide guests with food samples from their restaurants. This event has sold out at 600 tickets each year.